Misting System

Misting SystemThis machine can be supplied in a cabin for outdoor applications if required.

It can take its water supply from the mains water scheme or from an accompanying tank.
A dosing pump adds the odour neutralising solution to the water as it passes through it and is transferred with a high pressure pump at 70 bar to a series of engineered nozzles on a stainless steel pipe network. Different pump sizes are available depending on the number of nozzles and length of the misting line.

Odour Control and Dust SuppressionThis machine has the advantage of being able to operate automatically thanks to the 7 day electronic programmable timer.
Other options include a weather station which can turn the system on and off depending on whether the wind is blowing the odour in the direction of neighbouring houses or not. The stainless steel lines have the advantage of the ability to be installed on a constant slope thus enabling the system to be drained automatically at night and not affected by frost.

Misting SystemsOther options include the addition of a speed drive for the motor if a second misting line is required from the same pump – all can be controlled automatically with the weather station, a thermostatically controlled heater in the cabin to protect the pump and solution against frost.

It is especially suitable for air treatment in landfill sites, waste water treatment sites, composting sites, sludge storage sites, waste transfer stations, meat processing plants etc. It can also help reduce temperature inside buildings e.g., sludge drying facilities etc. The system can be installed outside at the perimeter of the odoures area or inside on the roof of buildings or around doorways depending on the application. (Solution type chosen depending on application)
In addition to this, the machine can be used to deploy dust suppression solution. This consists of a non-ionic polymer water-soluble based solution with high molecular weight to help bring dust to the ground and keep it there when the spraying stops, especially under hot conditions.

Misting System for Odour Control and Dust Suppression Odour Control Misting Systems