Tractor Mounted Gun

Tractor Mounted GunThis machine is mounted on the back of a tractor.

It consists of a 400lt tank that holds the water and odour neutralising solution. A pump transfers the mix from the tank to a series of nozzles at the chute. Simultaneously, a fan driven by the tractors pto creates airflow through the chute, helping to disperse the solution. The chute can be moved hydraulically up and down and from side to side from the tractor seat.
This machine has the advantage of being very mobile and is especially suitable for air treatment in landfills at the tip face, when excavating old rubbish or when drilling for gaswells.
Odour Control GunIt can also be used for solid treatment to spray the tip face or contaminated soil on industrial sites. (Solution type chosen depending on application)

In addition to this, the machine can be used to deploy dust suppression solution. This consists of a non-ionic polymer water-soluble based solution with high molecular weight to help bring dust to the ground and keep it there when the spraying stops, especially under hot conditions.